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Repurpose and refurbishing of old used industrial machinery


Modern industrial robots are true marvels of engineering

A robot the size of a person can easily carry a load over one hundred pounds and move it very quickly with a repeatability of +/-0.006 inches. Furthermore these robots can do that 24 hours a day for years on end with no failures whatsoever.

population of robots nearly doubled over the last decade in Western Europe alone, and they are becoming increasingly important in applications ranging from quality control, to the service industry.

Robotics has benefited from innovations in technologies dealing with electronic controls and sensors, and computer vision systems.

The fear that robots would replace workers has completely disappeared. Instead of displacing large numbers of employees, robots have brought about a more highly trained work force better capable of running robots and computers.

There are many more trained people in robotics now,also the control of the robots has become much more user friendly.

Started at big projects with multiple robots systems  , robots now are more commonly used at smaller companies for specific tasks.

Fact that the amount of refurbished and reused Robots is increasing as a result of replacing of the outdated robot systems on industries like automotive ,makes it

Financially attractive for smaller business to consider integration of robot system into there companies.

REDO_ANI We recognize a sustained growth of interest of the reuse industry. Repurposing  and Retrofitting are ways of taking some used components and some new components to "rebuild" a machine. Using a solid mechanical body, combined with latest modern technology and control, makes a new machine . This reuse method requires fewer resources, less energy, and less labor, compared to recycling, disposal, or the manufacture of new products from virgin materials. Repurposing and refurbishing brings is method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a contributing factor to global warming.


Remote access through cloud server technology by secure VPN connections:
We are able to monitor and control your machines remotely, to offer you the best service, and reduce maintenance costs.

Choose your own controlling system!
As we offer you a variety of different control systems, custom made as well as open-source systems like Linux-CNC, Mach3 or Siemens and VIPA.

By our own cnc routers, and 3D printers, we are able to offer you a rapid prototyping service.

Use of robot simulation programs gives us the possibility to design your application virtual, and have it tested, before implementation into “the real world”.


Thank you for visiting our website, hopefully we can trigger you to take a short tour through our pages, to show you what we can offer you, for more information, don't hesitate to contact us.–MP Vriens, Robot Solutions

Mechatronics: most of our products are a combination of mechanics, electronics, optics and software, in one word: Mechatronics.We robotize and automate manual systems to increase production, decrease operational cost and making it easier to control the processes. Mechatronics' line of products consists of a variety of diagnostic instruments.–MP Vriens, Robot Solutions.

In context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we would advice you to look serious at your current machinery, as refurbishing, and repurposing not only will save you money, but reuse reduce recycling. – MP Vriens, Robot Solutions


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